Date: May 13,2005
From: IUEC Local 1 Executive Board
To: All Members

Subject: Important Notice Regarding the Lock Out by EMANY

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As you are aware, it has been over a month since three EMANY member employers, Schindler, KONE, and Otis have locked out Local 1 members.

These companies have alleged that Union members have engaged in unlawful conduct including violence. We recently learned that a few Local 1 members were charged by law enforcement authorities for allegedly engaging in an assault, making threatening phone calls and damaging equipment.

This memo is to advise each and every member of Local 1, that your Executive Board does not condone unlawful conduct of any type, directed at the customers, employees, officers, or property of KONE, Schindler and Otis. Local 1 members must not engage in such unlawful conduct. If it were determined by a court that Local 1 did engage in, condone or ratify such conduct, Local 1 could be fined and held in contempt.

Failure to abide by this directive could subject a member to discipline pursuant to the Constitution and By-Laws of Local 1.

If there are any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to contact your Business Agent.

Fraternally yours,

By: Raymond Hernandez
President/Business Manager

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