May 27, 2005

To all locked out members with unemployment claims in New Jersey, please continue to update your unemployment claim with your assigned New Jersey Unemployment Office. Our appeal is scheduled to be heard on June 28, 2005. It is imperative that you continue to report your status to be eligible for unemployment reimbursements pending appeal outcome.

In solidarity,
Edward L. Krull


Any Member who has a Union Plus Mastercard can defer payments after 30 days of a lockout and does not have to make payments for three months there after. Members can verify this by logging on to

April 15, 2005

Any Member who has applied or intends to apply for unemployment in the State of New Jersey, regardless of whether your claim has been accepted, rejected, or put on hold, must forward your claim information to Mr. Mets (of Mets & Schiro, LLP) immediately. The facsimile number is 732-636-5705.

Brothers and Sisters, please make sure you put a daytime contact telephone number and any pertinent information you deem necessary. The information is necessary to expedite the claims and any future claims.

In solidarity,

Edward Krull
Vice President Business Agent

April 1, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is imperative that if you are denied or there is a dispute in your unemployment claim in New York or New Jersey that you provide a copy of your denial to the following:

Mr. James M. Mets
Attorney at Law
Fax: 732-636-5705

On the cover sheet be sure to include your name, address, phone number and the company you worked for.

Mr. Mets is handling the appeals for our members. Fax your paperwork immediately!! There are deadlines for appeals that we must meet!!

In Solidarity,
Local One Negotiating Committee